3 Tips You Need to Know Before You Buy a microSD Card for your R4 3DS Card

When you’re buying an R4 3DS card, you will probably get a microSD card that is bundled with it as well. But, most of the R4 3DS cards on the market only give you a 4GB or 8GB storage capacity which may not be enough for most users.

You need to get at least 16GB of microSD card storage capacity. This is to ensure that you have enough storage for your games and other media. Of course, if you’re the type of person who wants to have a lot of games or movies, then you obviously need to get a bigger one.

In this article, I will talk about the three tips you need to know before you buy a microSD card for your R4 3DS card.

  1. Make sure that you get the right kind of microSD card. There are two prominent types of microSD cards available on the market. They are the microSDHC or the microSDXC. Both are microSD cards but the major difference between the two is that they both have different storage limits. The microSDHC card can only support up to 32GB of storage while the microSDXC card can support more than 64GB. Most of the R4 3DS cards only support the microSDHC but other R4 3DS cards can support up to 128GB (using the microSDXC technology). Before buying a microSD card, make sure to look at the supported storage capacity of your R4 3DS card.
  2. Make sure to get the right “Class” for you. When looking for a microSD card, you’ve probably seen the word “class” followed by an even number. For example, Class 2 or Class 10. What does this mean? Well, the microSD card’s class just indicates the amount of data it can sustain during a file transfer. For example, if you get a class 2 microSD card, it will sustain a 2MB/s transfer rate. If you get the Class 10 variant, it can sustain up to 10MB/s transfer rates. Obviously, you get the Class 10 card if you want performance; the only downside being that the price of Class 10 cards is much higher than the Class 2 cards. If read and write speeds do not matter to you, then just choose Class 4 or Class 6.
  3. Get microSD cards from trusted brands. There are many fake microSD cards out there just like there are many fake R4 3DS cards. Always make sure to get a microSD card from a reputable manufacturer. Manufacturer’s like Sandisk or Kingston are great brands and you can always trust them with the quality of their microSD cards.

Remember, the microSD card is considered to be the heart of the R4 3DS cards. Without them, your R4 3DS card will not function.

The 3 tips I outlined above should help you make the right decision on what microSD card to buy. Always make sure to get the original ones and make sure that you get right kind that suits your needs.